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Window shades with a fun print for a childs bedroom

When you are looking for window treatments for a child's room, there are many options out there. But before we explore options. . .

Safety First

The first consideration when exploring window treatment options is the safety of your child. In November 2022, new regulations were put in place to keep cords from dangling on window blinds and shades. But, you'll want to make sure that the window coverings you choose for your childs room are cordless. Cordless blinds ensure that a child will not end up hanging himself accidently on a dangling cord.  

Consider Light Control

Once you've ensure the product you are buying is safe, you'll want to consider light. Light plays an essential role in a child’s sleep pattern. Children tend to wake up if there’s a lot of light because our bodies are naturally in tune with being awake during light hours. Consider thicker fabrics and treatment options that allow you to control the amount of light that enters a room. You may even want to consider motorized window blinds. Using an app on your smartphone, you can schedule the blinds to open and close at a regular time. So if you want to sleep an hour longer, this might be right for you.Window Shades with photos of family dog

Window Treatment Ideas

You have a lot of options when selecting the style and type of window covering for your child’s room. Plantation shutters are classic but can't be programmed so you'll have to manually open and close them. Roller blinds offer all sorts of options including a multitude of color choices, textures, and even the opportunity to do a fun print as shown in our opening photo. Roman shades can also be made of many different fabrics and offer a lot of choices. Once you have the windows covered, you may want to consider drapes or a valance to coordinate with the window covering you chose. Choosing fabric treatments gives you a plethora of decorative options with a wide selection of colors, patterns, and styles to perfectly match your child’s personality and current room décor.

If you are not one to change your window coverings often, you might consider how long your child will be in the "phase" they are in. Because their tastes change as quickly as they grow you might want to choose a more classic look. Solid colors or stripes work with various decors and will accommodate your child as he ages. With a little creativity, you’ll have a relevant and attractive covering no matter your child’s current preference.

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