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Picture of Arch Shaped Window with custom window treatment

I love large and odd-shaped windows because they add character to a room when compared to your standard windows. However, finding window treatments to control light while adding privacy can be a challenge. Despite a window’s unusual shape, you have many options when it comes to choosing window coverings that won’t leave an area uncovered or take away from the beauty of the window’s unique shape.

Elegant Fabric Panels

Covering oddly shaped windows, like those with large arched shapes require a bit of an inventive solution. Fabric pulldown panels are often ideal because they provide a custom-designed look that won’t obstruct views like you would get if you were to use vertical blinds. Plus, fabric panels are generally more cost effective when compared to choosing other window treatments.

Soft Sheers

Placing soft sheers over oddly shaped widows is a great way to delicately diffuse light while adding a certain degree of privacy. A metal rod is used to span the width of the window to hang the sheers either the full length of the window or half-length to add a nice crisp contrast to the room.

Delicately Disguised Covers

Just because your window is an unusual shape doesn’t mean you have to be confined to the standard window coverings. Custom-made window coverings will match the shape of the window to allow the window treatments to be less conspicuous. Not to mention, the window will maintain its architectural design so the covering doesn’t overtake the features of the window.

Cover Combinations

The uniqueness of the windows allows you to use certain window treatment combinations. For example, adding shutters to the lower half of the window while using a long tie back, window scarves or valances along the top will add privacy while creating a covering that’s as unique as your window.

Choosing a window treatment for your odd-shaped windows doesn’t have to be a headache. You have a lot of creative options at your fingertips to cover your window while enhancing the appearance of the room. With a little creativity, you’ll transform your window with a functional, yet appealing window covering.

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