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Welcome to the Exciting Windows! by Window Covering Gallery Blog.  We just love decorating and creating custom window treatments.  Here on our blog, we'll be sharing up-to-date information on the latest trends in custom draperies, curtains, cornices, valances, blinds, and shutters.  Basically anything that has to do with window coverings and making your house your home.  Have a question?  We'd love to year from you.  Just send us an email or give us a call.

picture of red and white curtains and a dining room table decorated for christmas

As the holidays approach, if your home is anything like mine, it will be filled with the laughter and cheers from friends and family. As loved ones come from far and wide, you’ll want your home to be a place of warmth and festivity. Capture the excitement of the holiday season with a few simple décor swaps to transform your living spaces. No matter if you’re spicing up your guest bedroom or brining holiday cheer to your living room, updating your interior décor with new window coverings, bedspreads or pillows allows you to capture the true spirit of the holidays.

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Fabric Swatches for Draperies

I’ve been sewing curtains and draperies for almost all my life and the number one thing most people say they have trouble with is choosing the fabrics to match their decor.  Having done this for so long, choosing fabrics comes so naturally to me that I’ve come up with a system that really seems to work well.

Light or Total Darkness?

The first thing to consider when choosing fabric for draperies is whether you want your draperies or curtains to add privacy to a room or create total darkness when they are shut.  Many curtains and drapes that you can buy in department stores do not come lined and if you don’t enjoy waking up with the sun or having the sun reflect into your television set you will most likely want a heavy fabric or to line your drapes.  Lining your drapes not only keeps the sun out, it also keeps the cold out in winter and protects the fabric from fading over time.

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Duette Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

If you're looking for a flexible, elegant way to decorate your windows that is a step up from the average window blinds, cellular window shades make a lovely option for your home. They have a clean, modern look that can complement décor and that offers many options for lighting, style, and more. Let's learn a little bit more about these clever window coverings.

What is a Cellular Window Shade?

A cellular window shade is a window treatment made of fabric sewn together in a "honeycomb" pattern. The honeycombs form small cells that trap air, which provides insulation. The layers of fabric also filter light, and can be customized for your ideal room lighting needs.

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Picture of custom draperies in a picture window

It's definitely getting colder here in Colorado Springs, which means it is time to get your home ready for winter with custom window treatments. Don't let your first monthly heating bill surprise you! Windows are one of the greatest sources of heat loss in a home and they are also very expensive to replace if they are old or poorly insulated. There are so many more affordable ways to keep your home insulated and your energy bills low, simply by decorating your windows with custom treatments. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

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drapery medallionsThe only thing I love more than creating a beautiful set of draperies, is decorating them with the many different accessories available, including fall's favorite window treatment trend, drapery medallions. If you're dressing your windows to impress, there are few accessories that add as much drama and interest as the gorgeous and intricate look of drapery medallions.

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Picture of custom graphic shades

Window blinds are no longer the same old generic plastic stand-by they once were, there are new ways to decorate with them being designed every day. That's exciting news for anyone looking to create a new window treatment for their home. Modern window blinds in wood, woven naturals, and customized graphic designs are making common plastic treatments a thing of the past and they can be created with standard bottom up, top down/bottom up, cordless, motorized, and even vertical opening styles.

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Rich colors of red, orange, gold, and brown bring autumn beauty into your home. Bring the Rich and Vibrant Colors of Fall into Your Home

Of the four seasons, fall offers the richest and most vibrant color palette around—especially when it comes to decorating with custom window treatments. Deep reds, soft golds, and mellow oranges allow us to bring autumn's beauty into our homes, reflecting the change of the trees outside. And speaking of change, fall also ushers in the chill of winter, which means, if you plan correctly, your new décor can also be an opportunity to save on heating costs. Isn't it great when a new look can also be practical? Let's look at the latest trends for fall window treatments.

Fall Colors are in for Drapes, Panels, Cornices, and Valances!

Create a warm and beautiful new look for fall by adding drapes or panels in the latest fall colors, or updating your existing window treatment with an autumn-inspired valance or cornice. What colors are in this year? Think of a family day out at the local farm during harvest season! Lovely apple reds, deep pumpkin oranges, lush earthy browns, and golden leafy yellows are trending right now. You can add them to your home with solid-colored draperies, or weave them together with a unique patterned fabric. You can even coordinate your bedspreads and accent pillows to complement your window treatments.

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