Sheer Fabric Shades

Sheer Shadings gently soften the incoming sun. The Shangri-La® fabric vanes are suspended between dual sheer layers, and tilt to adjust privacy, control light and minimize UV damage to interior furnishings. The exclusive Omni-View Hardware system does what no other sheer hardware can – raise the fabric up to 24″ with the vanes open – while allowing for a wide range of shading variations. Enjoy the view with cord loop, radio frequency motorization or our innovative cordless PowerTouch™ option.

horizontal sheer shades

Color Lux Sheer Fabric Horizontal Shades

Soften the glare of the sun with two layers of stylish sheer fabric. Tilt the fabric vanes open as you would a blind to enjoy or clear view or close them like a shade for privacy and light control. Our selection of sheer window shadings comes fully customizable – from colors and fabrics to operation and hardware.

sl horizontal sheer shades

Shangri-La Sheer Fabric Horizontal Shades

Shangri-La's exclusive Omni-View System features a continuous cord loop which lifts and lowers the shades and precisely adjusts the vanes. Omni-View does what no other shade hardware can – raise the fabric up to 24″ with the vanes open.

p horizontal sheer shades

Paradise Sheer Fabric Horizontal Shades

Awaken your senses with Paradise Custom Sheer Shades, where a 2 1/2″ soft fabric vane floats within two elegant sheer layers. Paradise Light Filtering vanes gently diffuse incoming sunlight to create a peaceful home. Paradise Room Darkening Vanes provide privacy and dim incoming light; well suited for bedrooms.

overtones dual sheer shades

Overtones Dual Sheer Shades

For ultimate privacy control, Overtones™ incorporate dual layers of alternating 3″ semi-opaque and 2″ sheer woven fabric vanes. When an Overtones™ Shade is open and the vanes are aligned, light filters through the sheers for gentle illumination.

The dual layers of solid and sheer horizontal vanes continually cross over each other as the shade is raised or lowered, allowing users to control the amount of incoming light and the view-through effect with the shade partially raised at various points throughout the window.

vertical sheer shades

Sheer Fabric Vertical Shades

These vertical sheer shades combine the beauty of sheer shades and light control of vertical blinds giving you endless ways to control light. The soft sheer fabric is joined with light filtering or room darkening vertical fabric vanes. The vanes are designed with neutral color to the exterior ensuring your home an outward, uniform appearance.

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