Valances and Cornices: Refreshing Window Top Treatments

In my last article, I shared inspiring ideas for decorating your home with custom window treatments. We touched briefly on the dramatic way that cornices and valances can transform your décor, but I wanted to take a deeper look at these window superstars.

Decorate Your Windows with Finesse and Flair

 Top window treatments can be a simple-but-amazing change to your current windows, and there are a variety of styles that are budget-friendly and beautiful.

Understanding Top Window Treatments: The Difference Between Valances and Cornices

Although there are a variety of top window treatment looks, we can typically break them down into two categories: valances and cornices. A valance is a soft top treatment, usually hung on a stationary rod over drapes and blinds, or standalone. A cornice, on the other hand, is a hard treatment. Cornices may consist of fabric pulled tight over an upholstered box or be made of wood with adornments such as beveling, molding, and other fine detailing.

Valance Looks

There are countless ideas to choose from when picking a new valance, so I’ve broken down three trending treatments to help you begin your selection process.

Pleated Valances

Pleated valances create a smooth, flat look that is clean and sophisticated. For added interest, pair two different fabrics and allow a pop of color or a dynamic pattern to peek through the pleats.

Waterfall Valances

Waterfall valances use bold layers to create an elegant look that stands out in any room.

Scalloped Valances

Whether you choose a ruffled, full style, or a sleek, structured look, the curves at the bottom of a scalloped valance give your top treatment extra flair.

Cornices Styles

Just like their valance counterparts, cornice styles can vary. Start by familiarizing yourself with the basics.

Upholstered Cornices

Upholstered cornices offer 3-dimensional structure and architectural interest with the added fun of choosing pattern and color. Dress one up to match your décor just as you would with any other window treatment, while enjoying the dramatic way it adds beauty and interest to the room.

Wood Cornices

The benefit of creating a window treatment out of solid wood is that you can create intricate designs with depth, and weight. A simple window box becomes a stunning piece of art when edged with custom trim or carved accents.

Whether redesigning your entire home or simply dressing up a kitchen window to add a bit of flair, top treatments can make a difference that will be sure to please. With a little time, you can find a gorgeous window treatment with a style that is uniquely yours!