Motorized Shades

Operating your shades has never been more convenient with several motorization options. Simply press a button and walk away while the motor does the work for you! Operate your motorized shades from a wand and pendant, remote or mobile device with Bluetooth® wireless technology. Our motorized shades provide reliable motorization at an affordable price. With several options to choose from you’ll be sure to find the right motorized window treatment for your home.

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Mobile Operation

Operate Your Shades From Your Smartphone

Raising and lowering your shades is simple with Bluetooth® wireless technology. Now you can control your shades right from your smartphone without the need for a separate remote or smart controller. You can connect as many shades as you want to the app and operate up to five shades at one time. You can also monitor your batter charge level and see a visual display of where all your shades are positioned.  Now, you can finally put blinds on those upper windows in your two-story great room and raise and lower them at whim.


Programmable Operation

Set It and Forget It

Set your blinds to automatically open and close using The Simplicity Smart Controller powered by NEO Smart Blinds App. The smart controller is a small device that you install in your home that opens and closes your blinds at the times you've programmed. 

Remote Control Operation

Don't have a smartphone? No problem. Simplicity Rechargeable Motorized Shades come with a remote control that uses radio frequency transmission to operate the shade. Radio frequency motorization is excellent for any space with large windows, multiple windows, or for the simple convenience and child-safe method of operating shades.


Power Wand Operation

 PowerTouch™ Rechargeable Motorized Shades are the perfect battery powered option for the budget savvy consumer. The wand and pendant operation lifts and lowers the shade with the touch of a button.  

Three Great Reasons to Buy Motorized Shades


Easy Operation

Raise, lower and tilt your shades with the touch of a button. No more fiddling with cords or manually adjusting each shade to your favorite position.

Child & Pet Safety

Our Motorized Window Treatments remove the need for cords and reduces potential child and pet safety hazards.

Quality and Reliability

Simplicity motors are backed by a 5 year warranty along with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the shade.

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