Choosing the Best Window Coverings for Front Doors

Nothing says “welcome” like elegant windows in front doors; however, as beautiful as the windows may look, they compromise the privacy of your home. Choosing the best window coverings for front doors will make your home more private without taking away from the beauty of the entry way windows. Since windows for front doors come in all shapes and sizes, you need to choose the most appropriate coverings to control light and privacy, while maintaining the elegance of the windows.

Sidelight Window Treatments

Sidelight widows are fairly common around front door areas; however, privacy is a huge concern. When choosing window coverings for sidelight windows, you not only need to consider how the covering will look from the inside of the home, but from the outside as well. Wood or faux wood blinds, mini blinds, roller shades, and even honeycomb shades are common for sidelight windows, but you aren’t limited to these options. You can hang delicate sheers to add privacy without compromising the light or appearance of the windows.

Door Arch Treatments

Arched windows above front doors are a beautiful touch to an entry way. Since the semi-circular arches are placed high, privacy isn’t really a concern; however, controlling the amount of light that enters the arch can be a challenge. Depending on the depth and surface of the arches, you’ll likely need a custom-made covering to correctly fit the space so it doesn’t cause a bulky appearance.

Windows in the Door

Many front doors have a window directly in the door, which presents a certain challenge when compared to covering regular windows. Many choose to use decorative films to cover the windows because it’s quick and easy but that’s not your only option. Using outside mounts allows you to hang more decorative window coverings, like sheers or blinds.

When visitors come to your home, you want your entry way to be warm and welcoming from the outside, while maintaining privacy from the inside. Choosing an ideal window treatment will give you the best of both worlds while promoting the beauty of front door windows.