Custom Drapes Offer Stylish, Flexible Function

When choosing between the variety of window treatments available, custom draperies are flexible and functional without sacrificing style or originality. Drapes are one of my most favorite treatment styles and here are just a few of the reasons why they should be yours, too!

Custom Drapes for Every Window Size and Shape

With customized draperies, there truly is a style for every window–even those that are oddly shaped or hard to fit. No window is too wide or too tall to be decorated with a custom drapery treatment that adds drama and flair. The

functional blinds or simple curtains from big box retailers simply cannot do the job of fitting the wide variety of architecture found in homes these days. Their products come in one-size-fits-all styles meant for large volume sales. A custom drapery treatment is all about the needs of your home.

Custom Draperies are a Unique and Stylish Look that Stands Apart

Make your home décor stand apart from the rest with the unique and stylish look of custom draperies. Your home should reflect your taste and personality, and custom window treatments, especially draperies, are an excellent and affordable way to showcase that. From traditional pleated drapes to modern and sleek flat panels, or even delicate sheers, there are many styles to choose from! Find your perfect color, your ideal fabric, and your favorite look and begin building dream window treatments for every room in your home.

Customized Drapes Offer Beautiful Options for Privacy and Light Control

One of the best benefits to customized drapes is that you won’t have to give up functions such as privacy and light control to make your windows look fabulous. Creating a stylish solution is easy when decorating with customized drapes. A rich fabric drapery paired with an elegant sheer allows you to conveniently allow or block natural light, while still maintaining privacy. Or, by contrast, allow for maximum light full time with flat stationary panels.

Discover the dramatic difference custom draperies can make for your windows. Explore the styles and selections available and begin designing your new custom window treatment today.