Decorating with Cellular Window Shades

If you’re looking for a flexible, elegant way to decorate your windows that is a step up from the average window blinds, cellular window shades make a lovely option for your home. They have a clean, modern look that can complement décor and that offers many options for lighting, style, and more. Let’s learn a little bit more about these clever window coverings.

What is a Cellular Window Shade?

A cellular window shade is a window treatment made of fabric sewn together in a “honeycomb” pattern. The honeycombs form small cells that trap air, which provides insulation. The layers of fabric also filter light, and can be customized for your ideal room lighting needs.

Cellular Shades Are Energy Efficient

Winter is nearly here in Colorado Springs, and with dropping temperatures, cellular shades are an energy efficient way to decorate your home that looks classy and beautiful. The efficiency of your window shade depends on the size of the pleat. Large pleats are the most efficient at helping to insulate your home from winter’s harsh temperature changes. The number of cells in your window shade will also increase energy efficiency. Choose from the many single, double, and triple options available (triple being the highest insulating). 

Versatile Window Treatments

Cellular window shades are one of the most versatile window treatments for decorating your home.

  • Shades can be designed for top-down or bottom opening, which is a super great way to allow maximum lighting without sacrificing privacy
  • They come in a variety of colors, which makes matching existing décor a snap.
  • Cellular window shades can be designed with multiple pleat sizes and cell options to meet your insulation needs
  • Window treatment style can vary from sheer light filtering to blackout shades, offering maximum light flexibility
  • They can be paired with multiple cordless and motorized options (free this month!), increasing ease of use and safety for children and pets

Although these window coverings can stand just fine on their own, they also look perfect when paired with drapes, sheers, panels, and other window treatment looks, especially this year’s fall trends. Decorate your home with pretty and versatile cellular window shades. You’ll be delighted with your final look—and your energy bill!