Fall Window Treatment Trends

Of the four seasons, fall offers the richest and most vibrant color palette around—especially when it comes to decorating with custom window treatments. Deep reds, soft golds, and mellow oranges allow us to bring autumn’s beauty into our homes, reflecting the change of the trees outside.

Bring the Rich and Vibrant Colors of Fall into Your Home

And speaking of change, fall also ushers in the chill of winter, which means, if you plan correctly, your new décor can also be an opportunity to save on heating costs. Isn’t it great when a new look can also be practical? Let’s look at the latest trends for fall window treatments.

Fall Colors are in for Drapes, Panels, Cornices, and Valances!

Create a warm and beautiful new look for fall by adding drapes or panels in the latest fall colors, or updating your existing window treatment with an autumn-inspired valance or cornice. What colors are in this year? Think of a family day out at the local farm during harvest season! Lovely apple reds, deep pumpkin oranges, lush earthy browns, and golden leafy yellows are trending right now. You can add them to your home with solid-colored draperies, or weave them together with a unique patterned fabric. You can even coordinate your bedspreads and accent pillows to complement your window treatments.

 Stylish Window Treatments to Keep Fall Cozy and Warm Indoors

Here in Colorado Springs, the new season also brings dropping temperatures, but a cleverly designed window treatment can keep your home warm and cozy without sacrificing style. There’s no reason for a cold night to make the house chilly and windows, even those updated to the best energy standards, can still be a source of heat loss. You can add an extra layer of protection through the latest window coverings. For example, plantations shutters, which are in high demand right now, offer a dramatic look that provide major heat retention when closed. You can add a cornice or valance above your shutter to enjoy a pop of autumn color. For a look that provides a little more of those fall palettes we just discussed, pairing a drape made in a heavy fabric with a sheer will provide light and warmth as we head into winter. 

However you celebrate the season, bring a little of the great outdoors inside through a gorgeous fall window treatment that will not only dress up your home, but keep it toasty and warm as well!