Fall Window Treatment Trends: Drapery Medallions

The only thing I love more than creating a beautiful set of draperies, is decorating them with the many different accessories available, including fall’s favorite window treatment trend, drapery medallions. If you’re dressing your windows to impress, there are few accessories that add as much drama and interest as the gorgeous and intricate look of drapery medallions.

Drapery Medallions Add Flair to Your Window Coverings

Instead of a traditional rod/finial pairing, consider adding extra flair to your window covering by mounting them with elegant and unique drapery medallions. Offered in a variety of styles, including metal, wood, and fabric, these small accents make a huge impact on your drapes or valances. Through clever spacing and hanging techniques, you can use drapery medallions to create deep scallops, creative slouching, and other elegant draping styles that are absolutely lovely looks. You can find them in many different shapes, including flowers, complex and geometric metal patterns, and solid, simple circles and squares. For even more fun, explore the many mirrored and jeweled options available!

Liven Up a Neutral Window Treatment with Drapery Medallions

One of the best uses I have found for medallions is in livening up a drapery that is meant to be more neutral in color. For example, some clients forgo bright patterns or colors in their draperies to allow flexibility with their other décor. Building a window treatment with drapery medallions allows them take a simple look up to the next level, providing architectural interest and allowing for exciting design that does not compete visually with other colors and furniture in the home. You can also switch out your medallions easily to coordinate with any themes you may have in your current decorating scheme: flowers to complement a bedspread, or switchable fabric buttons to call attention to a particular color in the room.

Decorate Your Hard-to-Fit Windows

Drapery medallions also offer versatile options for hard-to-fit windows. If you’ve been fretting over how to decorate windows that are large, oddly shaped, recessed, or any other odd combination, these amazing little pieces instantly boost your ability to dress your window any way you please. You no longer have to worry about whether or not you can pair that tricky space with drapes, because unlike your average drapery rod, medallions can be strategically attached in many different places, even over corners.

This fall, change up your window treatment with stylish and on-trend window medallions. You’ll fall in love with the flexibility, as well as the endless combinations that will make your décor fabulous.