Get Ready for Winter with Custom Window Treatments!

It’s definitely getting colder here in Colorado Springs, which means it is time to get your home ready for winter with custom window treatments. Don’t let your first monthly heating bill surprise you! Windows are one of the greatest sources of heat loss in a home and they are also very expensive to replace if they are old or poorly insulated.

There are so many more affordable ways to keep your home insulated and your energy bills low, simply by decorating your windows with custom treatments. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Draperies Add Flair … And Insulation

With the right fabrics, your home will be toasty warm, insulated, and decorated with style when you use custom draperies. Decorate your windows with drapes made of solid, heavy fabric to keep the cold out and the heat in without sacrificing the look of your home décor. Arguably the most fun way possible to insulate your home, you can style your drapes with the latest fall colors for added pizazz and enjoy your pretty new (warm) room all season long.

Cellular Window Shades Keep Out the Cold with Class

The unique honeycomb structure of cellular window shades traps air in its small cells, keeping out the cold with class! Purchase triple cell shades with large pleats for particularly drafty windows, as they have the most insulation. If you only need a small amount of insulation from the great outdoors, single or double cells will do the job just fine. These nifty little shades can be purchased in a variety of light filtering styles and customized for top down or bottom up opening.

Interior Window Shutters Create Warmth

Just like exterior shutters protect homes from the elements, interior shutters keep your home from winter’s tough temperatures while adding a dramatic look to your windows. They have the added bonus of giving your excellent light reduction due to their opaque nature when completely shut. They’re also easy to clean and even easier to operate because the are stationary.

I hope these ideas will keep your spirits up and your heating bill down as we move into winter here in Colorado Springs. Stay warm—and stylish!