Choosing Window Treatments to Conserve Energy

One of the best features of window treatments is not just their look, but their ability to help conserve energy. Now, there are many different types of window coverings to reduce heat loss during winter while reducing incoming heat during the summer.

Using a variety of different materials and styles, you’ll make your home more energy efficient without compromising the look of a room. The most popular choice for energy efficient window coverings are drapes. Drapes give the stylish look you want while helping control your indoor temperatures. 

Conserving Energy with Drapes

Not all drapes have the capability to conserve energy, and their ability to maintain heat loss and gain depends on several factors. The fabric you choose will determine how well your drapes will work in terms of their energy performance. 

During the summer months, drapes can help reduce the incoming heat from direct sunlight by as much as 33 percent depending on the type of fabric you choose. If your trying to reduce incoming heat during the summer, choose a multi-colored drape that has a white backing, which will help reflect the heat. Not to mention, the pleats and folds in the drapes will help with heat convection.

Drapes are also great for trapping heat in the home during the winter months. In fact, they can reduce heat loss by as much as 10 percent—again, depending on the type of fabric you use. When you close the drapes at night, you’ll help insulate the room to reduce cold temperatures entering the window.

Tips for Energy Conserving Drapes

How you hang the drapes plays a key role in energy efficiency. You want the drapes to be hung as close to the wall as possible while extending all the way to the floor. This allows the drapes to essentially seal the window to reduce heat loss by up to 25 percent. For maximum conservation, use a cornice at the top against the ceiling and make sure the drapes overlap in the middle.

I offer a number of different fabrics and materials to create window treatments to conserve energy. I’ll design the perfect drapes to match your room’s décor while allowing you to benefit from energy savings. To learn more about our custom draperies, call today… 719.548.1020