Kitchen Window Treatments for a Modern Look

Adding modern window treatments to your kitchen instantly brightens up the space and transforms the overall feeling of the room. With a modern design, you’ll draw attention to the kitchen’s windows, making them an icon of the room for a beautiful balance of style and class.

Choose Material Wisely

Depending on the location of your window, you need to be very careful with the material you choose. For example, if your window is by the sink or stove, fabrics will soak up spatter and cooking odors, so you’ll need a material that’s easy to clean.

Stick with Symmetry

Many modern kitchens use patterns that promote symmetry, like straight lines. Sleek lines look great and compliment modern appliances, like stainless steel and other metallic surfaces. When choosing a pattern, remember that a modern feeling is simplistic and clutter-free. Avoid choosing “busy” patterns, bold colors, or bulky fabrics.

Choosing a Style

When choosing a style of window treatment for your kitchen, you want a style that will remove the harshness of the edges in the room to create a softer appearance. For larger windows, you can create a dramatic look with long drape panels. For smaller windows, consider a valance and sheers. However, don’t choose styles that are overwhelmed by pleats to avoid overpowering the window and the room.

Less is More

When choosing treatments for your kitchen, especially when working with a smaller window, less is more. Avoid unusually bulky or heavy materials. You want a minimized look to maintain the modern, clean appearance.

Add Natural Texture

Natural textures, like bamboo, rattan, and other natural fibers are common in today’s home decor. Now, there are many different types of draperies and roman shades that provide natural texture to a room.

There are a number of ways you can dress up the design of the windows in your kitchen. You want your kitchen coverings to work for you, not against you when going for a modern look. Let your window achieve its fullest potential to improve the ambiance of the kitchen. Call us today for a free consultation for kitchen window coverings.