Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid Hanging Curtains

Curtains are an amazing way to enhance the look of a room, but common mistakes when hanging the curtains results in a disastrous look. Poorly hung curtains will turn a completely stunning room into disarray because the curtains will stand out…and, not in a good way.

Curtain Rod is Too Low

Whether intentional or not, hanging the curtain rod too low will make the curtains stand out like a sore thumb. You generally want to place the rod ½ to 2/3 of the distance from the top window frame to the ceiling to make your room look taller by lifting focus to the rod.

Curtains are Too Short

When hanging curtains or drape panels, it’s easy to choose the incorrect length. Generally, there are three looks people try to achieve with long curtains, which are the curtains floating right above the floor, “kissing” the floor, or puddling on the floor. Many hang the rod lower trying to get the curtains the right length, but this makes them obviously disproportionate. Professional window measuring will ensure you get the exact look and length you want. 

Rod isn’t Wide Enough

When a rod isn’t long enough on both sides of the window, it causes the curtains to look forced, making the room look smaller than it is. When selecting a rod length, add 6 to 10 extra inches on either side of the window to accommodate the proper width of the rod.

Incorrect Panel Width

When hanging panels, many often think the total panel widths should match the total width of the window. Yes, this will work to close the drapes (barely) but, they will look stretched and the room will look harsh. If you can’t find the correct panel width to create a soft look, don’t hesitate to use 2 panels on each side if you’re in a pinch. In the end, it’s better to have custom curtains made for the correct width for a complete look.

Hanging curtains can be challenging to get the exact look you want. Let your windows compliment the room by giving us a call today for a free consultation.