Window Treatments for Corner Windows

Picking window treatments for corner windows can be a challenging task. With the windows right next to one another, you want the covering to complement both windows without making the corner look awkward or bulky. Although it can be challenging to choose window coverings for corner windows, it’s not impossible.

Symmetry for a Clean Appearance

If the windows are identical to one another, you want to use the same styles and fabrics for a unified look. Don’t use two separate styles or completely different patterns and colors because it will cause the room to look cluttered and detached.

Valances and Sheers

Valences are a simple solution to dress up corner windows with matching valances to draw attention to the windows. If you want to add a little privacy or have the option to control lighting, add sheers for a fresh look.

Repetition for Vibrancy

The key to choosing window treatments for connecting corner windows is repetition, such as valances that have a repeat pattern of large loops or tassels. The two valances will meet in the corner, connecting the two windows to create a smooth transition while drawing attention to the windows.

Drapes for a Quiet Corner

Some corner windows are too close together to use separate window treatments. Instead of trying to squeeze them in, tie the windows together with large, flowing drapes on each window that meet in the corner. This adds an elegant look to the room, while making it look larger. Plus, it creates a nice quiet space in the room for relaxation.

Wispy Sheers for Solidity

For tall corner windows, you have a bit of a unique option to cover the windows. Choose a valance to hang with sheers. Then, gather the sheers in the corner to give the room a wispy appearance, while unifying the room.

Corner windows let you break away from traditional window treatment designs to let your creative side shine through. Embrace your corner windows to give your room an elegant appearance with the right covering.

If you need help choosing window treatments for your corner windows, call us today for a consultation.