Choosing Drapery Pleat Styles for Your Home

Pleated drapes are a fun way to dress up your window, but not all pleats are the same. When choosing drapery pleats, you have a lot of options to add different looks to your window. Depending on the pleat style you choose, you’re able to combine the pleats with other fabrics and hardware for the perfect touch of sophistication.

Choosing Drapery Pleats

Various drapery pleat styles come in many different types of fabric. Choosing the right fabric is important because it impacts how the pleats flow. For example, medium-weight fabric is the most common because it holds the pleat shape to the bottom of the drape while lightweight fabrics offer a softer hang.

The flow of the pleat also depends on the type of pleat you choose. The most common drapery pleat styles include:

Pinch Pleat— Simple pleat for a sleek traditional look.

Gathered Tab Top—Sleeve wrap around the top of a contrasting fabric for a subtle decorative look.

Traditional Tab Top— Sewn-in hanger rings provide a classic style.

Flowing pleats— Soft pleats create a gentle slope to enhance the silhouette of the window.

Goblet pleats- Given the name goblet pleat because the top looks like a goblet.

Grommet Pleats— Clean lines that don’t distract from other elements of the window.

Ripple Fold—Provides a contemporary look with clean lines to make a statement.

Inverted Pleat— Loose pinch highlights the silhouette of the window.

Flat Panel— Elegant folds to highlight your choice of ring clips.

Crown Pleat (shown at right)— Features a small pinch at the top panel for a clean classic style.

Pairing Pleats

I enjoy pairing pleats with different hardware features to create more elegant looks. For example, combining a Grommet pleat with metal hanger rings or combining the Traditional Tab Top pleat with a decorative rod will really spice up the window.

You can also add more depth to the window by pairing sheers with a heavier-weight panel. The panels can also be combined with valances to cover the top portion of the window for a sweeping drapery.

Pleats are a fun way to add more character to your window covering. With many drapery pleat styles to choose from, you’ll find the perfect pleat to add a more luxurious feel to your window.

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