Top Living Room Window Treatment Trends

Choosing living room window treatments is an exciting adventure. Following current window treatment trends allows you to add the final touch of elegance to the room with a style that compliments your décor. You’ll add a focal point to your room with a functional, yet trendy window covering.

Trending Colors

Although brown typically dominates the color chosen for living room window treatments, now you see a lot of color combinations, like white paired with black or navy. Drapes with ocean hues, like teal and soft green, are also popular, as well as soft lavenders and dusty hues. Of course, gold and jewel tones continue to be a popular choice for a modern look.

Luxury Fabrics

Luxury fabrics have recently become a popular selection because they pull the room together to create a great focal point. You’ll often find silk, velvet, and leather in modernly designed living rooms. Often, luxury fabrics are combined with simple designs to create a look of embellishment to every aspect of the window.

Simple Sleek Lines

Sleek lines are dominating window fashions. Clean lines on flowing drapes create a modern look to complement any living room décor. Clean lines are not only making an appearance on fabrics but other areas of the window for a completely modern look.

Bold Prints

Bold prints, stripes, and floral patterns have a commonplace in a traditional taste. Bold patterns, like graphic geometric patterns, add spunk to a room. However, when choosing bold patterns, you must be careful to choose patterns that won’t overwhelm the room.

Silk Panels

Silk panels are a great way to wake up a dull room by adding shine and luxury. Now, you’ll often see solid silk panels, as well as embroidered panels and panels with embellishments, like beading, for a pure, luxurious look.

Green Designs

Many high-performance fabrics, known as green fabrics, have become popular for those looking to combat allergies or those who want panels that are heat and cold-resistant. Performance fabrics have the same stunning appearance as other fabrics, but also feature anti-microbial and anti-fungal traits, while they are also stain, mildew, and mold resistant.

When choosing living room window treatments, you can never go wrong with what’s currently in style. Thankfully, window treatment trends tend to stick around for a while, so you’ll have living room window coverings you’ll enjoy for years to come.