Window Covering Trends in 2023

Window covering trends change with the times, as new products are invented and as materials go in and out of style. In the last several years, window coverings have become smart. In addition to their beauty and durability, smart window coverings are functional and convenient. With the touch of a button, they create a comfortable and attractive environment inside. 

Today, window coverings combine the convenience of smart technology with the elegance of custom fabrics. If you’re shopping for window coverings this year, we encourage you to forget what you think you know about window treatments. Open your mind to new possibilities. As you’ll see below, window treatments don’t have to follow the traditional model.

What is the most popular window treatment today?

The most popular window treatment today is motorized roller shades. They have had the largest spike in sales in the past few years. These elegant, simple window coverings are reminiscent of the pull-down shades we grew up with, but they have some sophisticated features that make them very different. 

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Roller shades are made from decorative fabrics and solar screens. Fabrics make these shades delightfully luxurious. The material has a rich texture and comes in a range of colors to fit the modern home. In fact, our customers can choose from over 804 colors and more than 3,500 patterns. We can even print a photograph on the fabric, for a totally customized aesthetic. 

In Colorado Springs, motorized window coverings are ideal for homes with two-story great rooms where the upper windows cannot be reached. They are also a time-saver for those who have a lot of windows or a full window wall. These motorized blinds come with a ‘smart home’ feature that’s very popular allowing homeowners to close their window shades with the touch of a button or using an app on their smartphone.

The smartphone app makes saving energy easy. Using the app you can set a schedule for the shades to automatically open and close. This automated feature can be set to keep the shades closed when light shines in during the day and open the shades later when there is no direct sunlight coming through the windows.

Controlling windows in this way helps control the temperature of your house, especially if your windows are older or inefficient. This is good for your home’s HVAC system and can reduce wear and tear on your air conditioner, thereby saving money over a long time. 

What type of blinds are in style in 2023?

Besides faux wood blinds that continue to be popular (especially among new homeowners), there have been some cool things happening with blinds. Modern blind designs are surprising and innovative, made to serve more than the traditional function of blocking sunlight. 

A good example of this are the transitional shades like Comfortex Overtones. This is a great window covering for a more modern setting. Comfortex Overtones use dual layers of alternating semi-opaque and sheer woven fabric vanes. They cross over themselves as the shades are opened and closed.

To pick the right level of light for your home, open or close the blinds until the vanes are positioned in a way that you like. With the sheer and semi-opaque vanes fully overlapped, the shading effect will be strong, and you’ll be unable to see out. When the vanes are not overlapped, you can see through the sheers into the world outside your home, and more light is let in. 

Comfortex Shangri La shades are a popular alternative. Here, the vanes are attached to a continuous sheer shade. The fabric can rise or lower while the vanes are still open, to give you full control over the amount of light that enters the room. Want the protection of sheers without the dimming effect from vanes? That’s easily achieved with Shangri La shades.

Of course, the product is beautiful as well. Shangri La Shades have a daintiness that pleases, whether the vanes are open or closed. They’re perfect for a child’s bedroom, a sewing room, home office or living room. I’d use them in any part of the house. 

What is the current trend in window coverings?

Streamlined and automated window coverings are the trend. Automated shades aren’t just the way of the future: they’re in demand right now. Homeowners love the convenience of opening or closing their shades at the touch of a button.

All that being said, we are still selling a lot of custom draperies, valances, cornices and roman shades. These can all be motorized as well. In other words, all window treatments are becoming smart – not just shades and blinds.   

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