How to Choose Window Coverings for Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are a great feature in any home because they provide easy access to outside. Not to mention, sliding doors promote natural lighting in the home and don’t intrude on your indoor or outdoor living spaces.

But, finding window coverings for sliding doors can be a challenge because they are large areas that are frequently used. So, the right window covering must not only look great, but maintain the function of the door. When choosing window coverings for sliding doors, there are many things you need to consider.

Choosing Window Treatment for Sliding Doors

Before you can begin choosing a window covering for your sliding door, you need to take a good look around the room to understand how the covering you choose will coordinate with other window coverings in the room to create a seamless look. Since the door is a large space, which will attract a lot of attention, you don’t want the covering to clash with the other windows in the room.

Next, consider the door itself. You need a window covering that opens vertically in the same direction as the door to maintain the door’s function. Since sliding doors are high-traffic areas, the treatment can’t get in the way of daily use and must be durable to withstand frequent use. Many people find pull string curtains, ring clips, and side mounted panels to be the best option because they offer a great look while providing easy access to the door.

Covering Options for Sliding Doors

While vertical blinds are often the most popular covering for sliding doors, you don’t have to limit yourself to vertical blinds. Soft fabric window treatments are a fun way to spice up the appearance of your room while giving you the widow covering functions you need. Popular choices include panels, sliding curtains, valances, and window scarves for a stunning, yet simple solution that won’t compromise access to the door.

Sliding doors provide a lot of window space to create an eye-catching focal point to your room. Turn your sliding door into a functional work of art with fashionable window treatments.