Modernize Window Treatments with Motorized Drapes and Blinds

There are always new inventions on the market for making tasks around your home a little bit easier—and window treatments have not been left behind when it comes to such innovative conveniences. I am writing, of course, of motorized window blinds and drapes.

Motorized Treatments are On-Trend—and More Affordable than Ever Before

Although motorized window treatments have been around for a while now, the technology to operate them has constantly been improving, while the cost of adding them to the home has been dropping. Comfortex’s PowerTouch brand (a favorite of mine), for example, offers motorized shades at affordable price points that won’t break the bank, making this amazing feature accessible to even the most of decorating budgets.

Why Buy Motorized Drapes and Blinds?

One of the questions often asked of me when I bring up this unique system is, why? Why add motorized window blinds or push-button drapes when they already come with a handy manual method? Good question! There are a variety of reasons people have for adding this system to their window treatments.


Tangled cords, crooked blinds and stuck drapes become a thing of the past when you install this simple feature on your windows. With the push of a button, the motor smoothly and efficiently opens and closes your window treatments without issue. Complications from illness or other motor skill issues can make gripping and yanking on cords a tough job. Motorized drapes and blinds are a great feature for people who struggle with mobility issues, strength, or finer hand motions.


One of the biggest concerns with the common hanging cords on window treatments lies in the safety of small children and pets. The dangling strings are quite enticing, and the potential for getting caught up in the cords creates a hazard, particularly when the treatment cannot detach from the window fittings. Motorized drapes and blinds eliminate the need for a cord, containing the operation system safely out of the reach of kids, cats, dogs, or anyone else at risk.


For some, the appeal of motorized drapes and blinds lies simply in the modern upgrade it gives to their home. With so much of our household features becoming electronic, push-button, automatic window treatments are a natural addition to the tech-enthusiast’s home. If you’re a family who loves the latest in modern convenience, these innovative systems will dress up your windows in style.

No matter the reason that appeals to you, the falling prices and advancing technology mean that there has never been a better time to consider adding motorized window treatments to your home. 

About the Author

Jacque Peterson has over 30 years of experience creating dramatic, custom window treatments and is the owner of Exciting Windows! by Window Covering Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO.