New Ways to Decorate with Window Shades & Blinds

Window blinds are no longer the same old generic plastic stand-by they once were, there are new ways to decorate with them being designed every day. That’s exciting news for anyone looking to create a new window treatment for their home.

Modern window blinds in wood, woven naturals, and customized graphic designs are making common plastic treatments a thing of the past and they can be created with standard bottom up, top down/bottom up, cordless, motorized, and even vertical opening styles.

Customized Graphic Blinds

Give your home a truly unique look by decorating your windows with customized graphic design blinds and shades. You can dress up your child’s bedroom with their favorite cartoon character, add a subtle pattern to complement a kitchen or bedroom, or show off your fan loyalty by adding your favorite sports team logo to a family room or man cave. We’ve even seen local businesses decorate their establishments with logos, imagery, and more to show off their brand. These are a very fun way to add a bit of flair to your windows.

Wooden Blinds are Dramatic and Classic

The light filtering properties of dramatic, classic-looking wooden blinds cannot be beat. These opaque and highly insulating window blinds make a high-impact look for your home that is also versatile. Match your wood color to your cabinetry, furniture, or wood floors to create a window treatment that blends beautifully with your paint, carpeting, and upholstery.

Woven Natural Blindsunique custom shades

Like their wooden counterparts, woven natural blinds are great for minimizing or maximizing light in your home. And just like wooden blinds, they are also great for insulating your home. Where they differ, is in the overall look. Woven naturals are made with wood, grasses, and reeds. They add a beautiful touch of the outdoors in your home in a way that is clean and modern. They can be woven tightly, with a variety of thick or thin reeds and grasses. This makes them incredibly versatile, with many color options, weaving styles, and materials available to decorate your windows.

Get ready to fall in love with window blinds like never before with these fun new trends and treatments. Your home is going to look amazing when you are done!